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In 1967, Arthur D. Little's Korean experience began with the consulting and advisory work for the Korean government's "national 5-year economic development plan", where Arthur D. Little conducted feasibility studies on the government's petrochemical and machinery industry policies.

After opening the Seoul office in 1994, Arthur D. Little (ADL) Korea has resolved numerous national business issues. During the IMF bail-out period, ADL Korea successfully managed three of the five national restructuring projects (Big Deals) and in 2001, ADL devised the 3-G mobile telecom (IMT-2000) strategy for the largest Korean telecom operator. Arthur D. Little Seoul Office has a strong proven track record of management consulting service for a number of leading companies at various major industries. We have gained a market reputation for offering management strategy with strong focus on implementation. Our clients are so impressed with our ‘side by side’ operations that more than 80% of our projects are long term with steady clients. These services strengthened both ADL in the local Korean market and the competitiveness of Korean companies that in turn spearheaded Korea's rebuilding of its economic and industrial infrastructure.

There is over 60 professional staff at the Seoul office as of September, 2008. Senior consultants (managers and above) play the part of project managers in consulting cases related to their respective industry and functional practices. Consultants and business analysts work as project team members performing data analysis, interviews and market research.
In addition, ADL Korea markets its strategy and management consulting services to companies in China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. ADL Korea's renowned client-focused "side by sideTM" work ethic is appreciated by these foreign companies and future prospects are bright for this international endeavor.