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Developments in the Automotive Industry pose difficult questions for market players. Arthur D. Little's Automotive Practice works with you to develop and implement the necessary innovative solutions.

A tough market

The automotive industry faces a number of tough challenges:

  • Growth occurs mainly outside the triade markets, so successful companies require a truly global footprint
  • An increasing number of model variants become necessary to cover chosen market segments and needs/preferences in different markets
  • High legal demands and pressure for better fuel economy, lower emissions and greater safety. As an automotive player, you need to keep track in the technology race to provide better or new functionality, selecting the "right" innovations, shortening development cycles and constantly increasing the efficiency of engineering resources
  • Global overcapacity and new competitors from emerging markets mean that there is "no light at the end of the tunnel" regarding discounts and price wars. As a result, all partners in the value chain face even higher pressure on costs
  • Management has to fulfill the short-term expectations of the financial markets without harming the future base of competition

For players across the industry, these challenges pose two fundamental questions: "How to innovate the business?" and "How to master complexity?"

How we can help

Arthur D. Little's global Automotive and Manufacturing Group (which brings together the firm's Automotive and Manufacturing practices) helps you find answers to these questions and works closely with you to ensure successful implementation.

Our expertise is based on three pillars:

  • Deep knowledge of the automotive and manufacturing industries
    • we employ a high proportion of consultants with industry background, complemented by former CxOs as advisors and freelancers
    • we undertake studies on industry trends and special issues related to innovation and complexity management
  • We provide tailored solutions
    • through various partnerships with leading research institutes and universities
    • by leveraging the vast technology expertise of the ALTRAN group with more than 16,000 consultants in 40 countries globally
    • though partnering with selected service providers with a complementary "best-of-breed" know-how and skill-base
  • We make it happen
    • by leveraging our Global Advisory Networks
    • by our pragmatic work-style
    • by sound conceptual work, based on proven methodologies, combined with the know-how to enable organisations (in over 80 per cent of our projects we also play a role in the final implementation)

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