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The demand for mobility has never been as high – and responses from the sector to cope with it have never been as creative and bold – as they are today. In all modes of transportation, performance improvement and increased customer experience and conversion are king.


All key sectors of travel, transportation and logistics are driving substantive and even disruptive change induced by dramatically increased customer demands and fueled by digitalization and new technologies.

  • Airlines and airports are addressing capex and opex optimization to improve their efficiency / effectiveness footprint; they discuss new alliances and additional sources of income
  • Railways and public transportation companies are coping with performance improvement (punctuality), cost-effectiveness (e.g. maintenance) and customer satisfaction. They run major “Mobility 4.0” programs to take full advantage of the opportunities for digitalization
  • Logistics service providers have a strong focus on new technologies in all sectors. Cargo rail as well as land transport are introducing new concepts to address better performance; the whole sector tries to cope with a huge increase of demand of its services improving the core production systems and giving special attention to the “last mile” business
  • Safety and risk management is experiencing an all time high in demand: The more complex and sophisticated our mobility systems are – the more important are comprehensive services
  • All sectors are heavily involved in convergence:  Traditional boundaries between modes of transportation have become blurred and will disappear. End-to-end process performance has become a reality. A hot spot for innovation is the urban area. The future of urban mobility is built now!

At Arthur D. Little we work intensively in all mobility sectors. We constantly put efforts into understanding new trends, defining innovative technologies, processes and business models, and helping the industry to transform.

For us and for the mobility system as a whole, these are exciting times. We are in the middle of a change of paradigm and helping our customers to drive innovation.