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Car subscription schemes

Ownership model of the future or marketing stunt?

The automotive and mobility market is in a state of flux. As new technologies give rise to innovative products and services, customer mobility demands are changing, forcing the industry to rethink its sales models and explore new concepts. While the possession of a car remains important for many,...

Green financing of corporate breakthroughs

Making investors part of your innovation ecosystem

Corporates understand the vital importance of becoming more sustainable, both to unlock growth and to create corporate strategic advantage. Meeting this sustainability challenge requires three building blocks – technology, scale-up capabilities, and capital – all working together to start the...
Technology & innovation management

Finding the true north for local content definition in the nuclear industry

Establishing principles for quantifying localization

Many emerging nuclear countries aspire to track and report the localization progress in their nuclear programs, yet there is no standard definition of how to calculate and maximize the value of local content. While in some markets localization measures converge on the cost of local supplies, others...
Utilities & alternative energy

Hydrogen at energy companies – A new game

Where and how should they get involved with hydrogen?

Many governments have placed hydrogen on their agendas for decarbonization, making hydrogen a decisive topic for energy suppliers as well. This becomes evident by the government’s commitment to funding projects that enable regions and municipalities to plan and implement pilot applications. After...
Utilities & alternative energy

Artificial intelligence in mobility

Beyond the hype, where the true value lies

After all the hype, driverless cars guided by artificial intelligence (AI) are still some years away. However, this is far from being the only application of AI in mobility and transport. There is still huge potential for AI to help solve many critical transportation and mobility challenges now and...
Travel & transportation

Digital transformation of work

Accelerated by the pandemic

Technology & innovation management

Why now is the time for banks to strategically review their IT spend

To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach

IT spend is on the rise for banks. To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach. Based on our experience and research from the past economic crisis, the most mature IT organizations responded faster during the downturn. IT total spend management is a crucial part of the...
Financial services

The game is changing

New rules reshaping wealth management

With its high price-to-earnings multiples and solid fundamentals, wealth management remains the most attractive banking segment. However, with revenue margins falling inexorably in past years, it’s evident that wealth managers have been struggling to realize the full potential of their client...
Financial services

Electric vehicle charging in the UK and Europe

Which business models will win in this growing multibillion-pound market?

Look at any urban environment in the UK and across Europe and one thing is very apparent: electric vehicles (EVs) have arrived! EVs (both battery electric [BEV] and plug-in hybrid [PHEV]) have evolved from niche technology into a serious alternative to combustion engines. Major manufacturers’...

Digital business models in freight

A fresh perspective on the hypes, realities, and opportunities in the market

Travel & transportation