digital company transformation

Digital company transformation

We create and transform businesses in the digital world. We support our clients across all levels of digitalization, including areas with partnering support. We consult holistically, and our strategic advisory covers both digitalized value propositions and operating models.

  • Arthur D. Little creates and transforms businesses in the digital world, and is the right partner for you on your digital transformation journey: 
    • We have supported more than 100 digital projects across industries in the last years
    • We have developed a proven framework to ensure a comprehensive view of your digital transformation activities
    • We do not only provide answers to the question, “where to transform?” but also give inspiration on “how to transform”
    • We calculate the specific benefit of digital transformation
    • We have a powerful ecosystem of partners for E2E solutions
  • Our digital strategy is based on a holistic approach to navigate and enable a successful digital transformation. When creating digital strategies, we enable our clients to digitalize their value propositions and operating models to succeed in the new business landscape. Our digital-strategy expertise covers the five main areas of our digitalization framework to fully capture and accelerate the opportunities of becoming fully digitalized: 



Developing the digital front-end

  • New business models: We deploy best-in-class design methods for business-model development, and are specialists in disruptive innovation.
  • Products/services: Most companies have neither agilized nor digitized their product and service portfolios. Arthur D. Little links technology and innovation to leverage clients’ capabilities to create and prototype digital innovation and help them get it done.
  • Customer experience/touchpoints: Companies expect significant increases in the share of digital customers within 3 years, setting the bar high for digital interaction. We help clients cross-industry develop their customer interactions in the digital era.


Preparing the digital engine

  • IT/technical enablers: Digital is not only IT – but IT is one core component. Arthur D. Little works with you to help you harness the benefits of IT innovation and master IT complexity. We can help you become a "successful innovator" and make IT part of innovating your business. More information
  • Data/analytics: Arthur D. Little helps you exploit your data treasures to pass the big-data hype and get real business value. More information
  • Operations/processes: Digital and operations go hand in hand. Digital products require adjusted operations and, conversely, operations can be significantly optimized through digital. We help you to build operations management of the future. More information

Technical enablers

  • To support and enable digital transformation, areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), infrastructure, platforms, standards and guidelines, and legal need to be addressed
  • We help our clients create holistic views of technical enablers to solve large numbers of niche problems 
  • Many businesses, organizations and suppliers try to realize the potential of new technical enablers, but the market is still immature and challenges need to be overcome
  • Arthur D. Little has successfully supported a wide range of clients, private and public, in defining and implementing their platform architecture to accelerate their digital transformations
  • When defining and implementing a platform architecture, five areas need to be considered: 



Data & analytics

  • By leveraging the opportunities of big data and analytics, tangible business value such as identifying new revenue sources, reducing waste and decreasing costs can be achieved through being better informed, faster and proactive 
  • The main challenges with big data are universal: 
    • Deciding the strategy for the focus area and objectives for actionable analytics
    • Exploring and finding sweet spots for value creation
    • Defining and acquiring the right capabilities
    • Achieving an agile approach
  • Arthur D. Little has a unique capacity for helping companies succeed with big data, in which the business side needs to be in the driver’s seat. It is all about smarter decisions, managing the transformational challenge, and unique risks. 
  • In order to excel at all steps of the big data & analytics process, one must master the four capabilities of business savviness, data science, data and execution



Services operations management

Future of Operations (Industry 4.0)

Operational integration of digital technologies to drive radical performance improvement

Arthur D. Little helps clients to successfully plan, implement and maintain Industry 4.0 applications to reshape operations towards full digitalization. We navigate you through the technological and methodological complexity and help to boost operational performance.

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are drivers for change and new opportunities at the same time. Key challenges ahead of several industries are both the borderless integration of value chains and the integrated use of existing and emerging new technologies. Understanding the implication of Industry 4.0 on all layers of operational processes is the key to anticipating potential disruptions, as well as opportunities to exploit them successfully.

We help our clients with a technology-driven solution approach, over 500 use cases for value-generating applications, and standardized cost models based on benchmarks and our industry expertise. We assess technologies, their efficient ways of application and their cost to your operations, plan the implementation, and assist you in transforming your operations successfully.


Enabling the organization to embrace digital

  • Organization & governance: What’s the best way to benefit from digital opportunities, and how do you steer that? Arthur D. Little helps you to establish perfect-fitting digital governance across your company. More information
  • Partnering & sourcing: In the digital era boundaries between companies dissolve. We help you to develop partnering and sourcing strategies to harmonize existing partners, new partners and start-up cooperations.
  • People & culture: A proper digital strategy has to be aware of own capabilities and competences. Arthur D. Little supports you in anchoring digital into your organization.

Digital organization and governance

  • Few companies have yet to be called digital-centric organizations, and lack of knowledge and skills on how to proceed with digitalization is a key challenge for all industries.
  • The target digital-organization model should foster development of new capabilities, processes, and competencies
  • The digital-governance model should enable company-wide digital investments based on joint priorities, i.e., across divisions, markets and functions.
  • Arthur D. Little has the knowledge and experience to transform organization and governance into a competitive advantage for clients going digital. Target digital-organization models should foster development of new capabilities, processes, competencies and technologies in a specific strategic context:




Transforming towards a digital company

  • Established companies tend to be too slow in transformation, though facing rapidly evolving digital competition through new and disruptive competitors.
  • The digital ecosystem asks for new capabilities and paradigms, which need to be implemented in ways of working and corporate cultures.
  • Arthur D. Little does not only provide answers to the question, “where to transform?” but also “how to transform”. 
  • We create digital transformation side-by-side with our clients.