Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Understanding new technology and market trends is crucial to success in the TIME industries. At Arthur D. Little, we can help you develop the strategies and resources you require to capitalise on these emerging trends.

    How we can help

    We work with you to help you address continuous and multifaceted change. Our services focus on strategic growth and innovation, and performance improvement. We specialize in:

    • identifying new technologies that could disrupt existing business models
    • assessing the opportunities and threats new technologies present to market players
    • evaluating business plans for investment banks and financial institutions during transactions
    • identifying new business models in the all-IP converging markets
    • supporting operators to improve CRM and achieve operational excellence in highly competitive markets.

    Our global Technology, Information, Media & Electronics (TIME) Practice focuses on eight areas, addressing major top- & bottom-line challenges, and inorganic growth:

    Who we work with

    Clients of our global TIME practice include:

    • incumbent and alternative, fixed and mobile operators
    • internet service providers
    • software and equipment vendors
    • investment banks
    • media companies


      Helping telecom players to identify and implement industry-shaping, winning business and operating models designed to secure future business success

      Our global team of strategy and transformation experts supports telecoms companies to define their strategic plans in the light of societal and industry change, and then transform their businesses.

      • Identification of company role and strategy (mission, vision, values, strategic options)
      • Selection of appropriate business models to suit strategy, taking into account financial ambitions and constraints, emerging technology, changing regulation, and other uncertainties
      • Designing appropriate company set-ups through radical transformation, including organizational and governance models, to maximize the benefits of the new strategy
      • Where appropriate, separation of functions, platforms and, in some cases, legal entities/assets
      • Supporting the execution of the transformation, including organizational change and updates, or “greenfielding” of systems and supporting processes

      Selected tools:

      • Ambition-driven strategy, scenario development
      • Strategy development and financial-impact assessment
      • Organizational baselining, blueprinting and radical restructuring methodologies
      • Core competence analysis, technology/IT roadmapping and change management


        Helping telecom operators and media companies extract more value from their existing bases and acquire new value-generating customers

        Our global team of experts supports telecom operators and media groups in generating and protecting value from their customer bases, including:

        • Acquiring more and increasing revenues from the existing base, by redesigning product portfolios based on customer-segment trends
        • Protecting existing customer bases by identifying, measuring and addressing root causes of churn and developing retention campaigns
        • Selling with better value by redesigning channel strategies, distribution footprint and formats, as well as designing and implementing multichannel and digital strategies
        • Improving return on commercial investment by redesigning branding and promotional activities

        Selected tools:

        • Value-based advanced customer analytics
        • Customer segmentation
        • Pricing heatmaps and modeling
        • Multichannel distribution excellence
        • Customer experience mapping


          Innovative Business Designs – (Trans-)forming ecosystems for the future

          The Global Competence Center “Innovative Business Designs” covers emerging digital and data-driven business models to transform both service providers and industries towards successful ecosystem players. Our core services comprise:

          • Defining the vision & strategy: how will innovation change the current business logic? What is the “permission to play” in future ecosystems?
          • Product & service development: how will the existing product portfolio evolve and be extended through data-driven business models? Which services can be offered in addition?
          • Partnering strategy: which partners are required to drive the future business models? Which provisioning models are required to enter and sustain a successful ecosystem?
          • Organizational implications: managing the transformation towards a “service-oriented” company, fostering cooperation & coordination between relevant divisions and organizations.
          • Technological infrastructure: Identifying and selecting necessary platforms and solutions to enter innovative service domains – defining the optimal architectural set-up for enabling sustainable ecosystems.


            Creating value in the rapidly transforming media industry

            Our global team of media experts supports leading media groups, financial investors and consumer brands in navigating the digital transformation of the media industry:

            • Developing growth strategies to benefit from the digital transformation of the industry, by identifying and assessing attractive positions in the value-chain, attractive market segments and geographies, as well as evaluating existing and developing new business models
            • Creating opportunities to leverage brands and assets in the media industry, by identifying and quantifying diversification opportunities, developing suitable entry strategies, supporting partnership negotiations and taking responsibility for the successful implementation
            • Developing media and content portfolio strategies, by identifying and assessing development/divestment options and supporting throughout the transaction lifecycle

            Selected tools:

            • Market and scenario analysis
            • Strategy development and financial impact assessment
            • Joint advisor/lead negotiator for joint venture creation
            • M&A target screening and due diligence services


              Providing expertise & tools to support network evolution

              Our Technology Economics competence center supports CXOs to develop technology strategies and optimize network operations. Our main services cover:

              Assessing technologies and investment strategies:

              • Assessment of fixed & mobile network and core infrastructure and cost levers
              • Identification & evaluation of migration alternatives and phase-outs (2G/3G/copper), and definition of future services & service requirements for 5G & NGA fixed
              • Network evolution towards web-native architectures (i.e. network-function virtualization/software-defined network)

              Defining strategic spectrum management

              • Mapping of spectrum to available access technologies
              • Development of spectrum scenarios (e.g., service vs. network neutrality), including required lobbying activities, across industry sectors and compilation of risk assessments (new competition entering the market)

              Efficiently planning and investing CAPEX and the allocation process

              • Designing of an end-to-end CAPEX management process
              • Providing guidance to operating company/property company (opco) strategic plans and budget-first allocation & reforecast, tracking plans spending during an implementation

              Identifying innovative network operating models, including sharing and partnerships

              • Defining and optimizing network-planning and network-operating processes
              • Setting up network-sharing agreements and netcos
              • Infrastructure carve-outs (fixed networks, TV and mobile towers, data centers)
              • Identifying and setting up relevant technical partnerships


                Focusing on digitalizing operations for customer experience & bottom-line impact

                Our global team of operations experts supports leading telecom operators on transforming their operational value chains for customer experience and bottom-line impact. Our core services comprise:

                • Providing a comprehensive perspective of the impact of emerging digital technologies (IoT, Big Data, augmented reality, etc.) on telcos’ future operations to help clients digitize their value chains, leveraging a multitude of disruptive applications and use cases: How do emerging digital technologies affect our “future of operations,” and how can we transform to a digital organization?
                • Applying a holistic approach to design an ambitious and differentiating customer experience aligned with the brand values, through customer journeys that span digital as well as traditional touchpoints (omnichannel experience): How can firms deliver differentiating customer experiences in the digital era?
                • Helping eliminate complexity from product, process and technology portfolios by separating products and processes that contribute value from those that are primarily cost drivers: How to reduce complexity in product, process and technology portfolios?
                • Improving the sourcing and managed-services contracts performance by addressing key levers such as sourcing-model redesign, contracts optimization, supplier management review, and challenging current vendors for innovation, service and operational performance enhancement: How do we generate maximum value with our suppliers and supply-chain set-up?
                • Adopting a “zero-based operating model” design approach to help our clients optimize their operations across the value chain, leveraging all opportunities offered by in-/out-sourcing, process simplification and organizational optimization: How can we identify and target operational inefficiencies to optimize our cost base?


                  Advising companies through the most complex investment and divestment strategies and implementation

                  We support and guide companies in the TIME industry with our deep, combined industry and merger and acquisition expertise for all steps along a transaction journey, including:

                  • Investment and divestment strategies (spin-off, carve-out, joint venture, full or partial acquisition, initial investments with call options, etc.)
                  • Potential target-company screening and initial valuation of potential value creation
                  • Commercial, strategic and technical due diligences
                  • Post-merger integration

                  Arthur D. Little provides a detailed view of value creation potential in terms of revenues, OPEX and CAPEX to derive an independent view of potential synergies and risks associated with an investment. To derive our analysis and conclusions we rely on our:

                  • extensive due-diligence expertise being part of the most important and key transactions
                  • support experts among the Arthur D. Little consultant force and a senior-expert network (e.g., CxO or senior positions within the industry)
                  • existing research, benchmark databases, and related business cases


                    Elevating companies from regulatory compliance to strategic advocacy and supporting governments in developing sustainable policies

                    SASCAR competence center offers a complete set of capabilities: public policy, regulatory strategy, regulatory compliance

                    • In public policy, SASCAR stands for a new industry/inclusive approach, as classic approaches are bound to be stuck in details immediately.
                    • In regulatory strategy, SASCAR supports the transformation of public affairs & regulatory departments, which are now stretched between compliance duties and strategic advocacy.
                    • SASCAR’s public profile and reputation have proven to be tremendously effective in helping clients in multi-year advocacy programs.
                    • SASCAR’s skilled team helps clients to address complex and sensitive thought-leadership topics. SASCAR’s projects usually get CEO exposure.
                    • Our team helps the TMT industry to ask for substantial regulatory reforms and create communication platforms targeting public institutions.
                    • SASCAR provides effective advocacy platforms for several types of players: industry associations, vendors, workgroups, operators, new players, regulators & governments.