The future of hydrogen and e-fuels

Will hydrogen be the new oil?

Aviation year zero – Green for grants

How governments, as the de facto next key stakeholders of the aviation industry, should support a transformation that serves customers, citizens and the planet

1.5 °C
Increased limit in global average temperature this century above pre-industrial levels (equivalent to 2.7 degrees F), set by the Paris agreement
69 %
% required increase in food calories to feed 9.3 million people in 2050 (source: World Resources Institute)
3.5 billion
Estimated number of people who could experience water scarcity by 2025 (source: World Bank)

Public concern about issues such as climate change and the impact of business on society has never been more intense than it is today. Accordingly, sustainability has now risen to the very top of the corporate agenda. 


Arthur D. Little helps companies integrate sustainability into their business strategies. We offer a comprehensive approach to sustainability that delivers real business benefits in the short and long term – our approach is rooted in strategy,...


Arthur D. Little has helped over 150 organizations over the past 20 years to respond to the sustainability agenda, embedding sustainability into the way they do business, and helping companies, NGOs and governments to transform their organizations and develop new value creation opportunities arising from the sustainability agenda.