Business Analyst, Boston

My name is Vivien Fergusson, and I’m a Business Analyst at the Boston office in the US. Outside of the office, I am passionate about modern dance and anything that stretches my mind and body in creative ways – whether yoga, biking, hiking, or reading. In the office, I am enthusiastic and curious, with an interest in creating real solutions to customer needs. 

I began working for ADL after completing my Master of Management Studies degree at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. I had developed an interest in strategy and innovation as a lens through which to ultimately understand people and patterns of behavior.  I wanted a rigorous, stimulating job that would help me to develop my creative and analytical senses and allow me to explore different industries. I chose ADL because of its proximity to my fields of interest, and because I was drawn to its smaller size, entrepreneurial spirit, and international opportunities. Since joining in 2019, I have been largely involved in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector, supporting the management of clinical trial studies and patient engagement initiatives. The experience of helping provide patients with the medicines they need has been very satisfying and rewarding.

The best word I can think of to describe ADL’s culture is “engaging.” The flat hierarchical structure fosters an environment that encourages intellectual exploration and emphasizes learning and professional growth. At ADL, you are exposed to many industries and are expected to become involved in multiple arms of company life. ADL attracts the “go-getter” types – people are excited to dive into and take ownership of their work. They are equally strong in their abilities to collaborate with others and work independently. I find the leadership of the company to be very transparent and accessible, and my colleagues incredibly supportive of my work and professional development. 

During my first year at ADL, I attended a week-long, company-sponsored training program in Lisbon, Portugal. The course focused on Core Consulting Skills and was attended by analysts from ADL offices around the globe. Meeting and collaborating with my peers from different markets through case studies and interactive exercises was a fantastic opportunity. I learned a great deal during that week, and, of course, relished the chance to travel to and explore a new place!

To those seeking a position at ADL, I offer this as advice: Reach out and connect with someone via LinkedIn, email, or a recruiting event. Research the company thoroughly to understand what it is and what it does. And, as cliché as it sounds, be yourself. We look for people that are not only bright and intellectually curious, but also easy to work with.